Here is a brief description of fonctionalities :

One click synchronization using contextual menu

If we don't want overload the contextual menu, desactivate it and create an icon on desktop to drag folders onto

Synchronizations events are stocked in a database which allow detection of deletions litigious cases

In case of deletion or litigious cases, the user is asked for what to do

No files are deleted or overwriten, but put to trash to avoid data loose

The behaviour of synchronizations is customizable (ex : take systematicaly the most recent in case of litigious case without asking). See tutorial for more indications.

Synchronization from or to a ftp, a samba or ssh network share which monted on desktop

Detect time differences between local system and remote system

Management of synchronizations groups, allow to launch several synchronizations in one click

New in version version 1.5 : You can now make differential copy (monodirectionnal synchronization)

 Download version 1.5

Download the debian package (version 1.5.4) or 64 bits version (1.5.3)
Double click on package to start install

The folowing packages are required and on ubuntu they will be installed automatically :

  • libsqlite3-0
  • libgtk2.0-0 (>=2.18.3-1)
Nevertheless, for ubuntu users, version 9.10 or newer is required.

For kde users see The tips to activate contextual menu.


Language : C++

Download : sources in tar.gz

For old versions archives checkout sourceforge project files

Synchrorep contextual menu for kde

To add the contextual menu in kubuntu or other kde environnement, download this file and put it into the folder "/usr/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus".
Reboot and a new entry menu in "Actions" contextual submenu will appeare when you right-click on a folder.
Note that on kde, network shares are not accessible in synchrorep.

Launch a synchronization from applications menu

To launch a synchronization from applications menu, just create a group with only one synchronization into it

Desktop icon

If you don't want to overchage contextual menu, you can create a desktop icon from configuration panel. Then you'll be able to drag folder on icon to start synchronization.

Version 1.5.4

on 2013-06-03

Upgrade translations
Ubuntu 13.04 compatibility

Synchrorep 1.5.3

on 2012-01-01

64 bits systems compatibility
Gnome 3/Unity compatibility

Synchrorep 1.5.2

on 2011-09-05

Automatic mount of disks
Bugs fix

Hostrail is dead and my news too

on 2011-07-13

My provider has gone. I've lost news since I'm there. After some days of blackout, here is iceberg on the net.

Synchrorep 1.4.6

on 2010-10-12

Ubuntu 10.10 compaptibility
Spanish traduction upgrade
Bug fix on desktop launcher creation

Synchrorep 1.4.5

on 2010-03-22

Add logs to trace synchronizations result

Synchrorep 1.4.4

on 2010-03-15

Implementation of md5sum to improve reliability (optional)

Synchrorep 1.4.3

on 2010-03-06

- Bug fix : database get busy on multi launch
- Now possible to launch a group from contextual menu
- Now show synchronization card before first launch
- Adding lock on synchronization avoiding launching more that once in same time the same folder

Synchrorep 1.4.2

on 2010-03-03

- Bug fix : Synchronization don't start if synchronization folder name contains quotes (in version 1.4.1)
- Implementation of groups of synchronizations

Synchrorep 1.4.1

on 2010-02-19

- Porting to C/C++ improving synchronization performances
- Now detect differences to time set between local system and distant systems
- Revoke automatic synchronization on usb disk insertion

Synchrorep 1.3.6

on 2009-06-30

Bugs fix

Synchrorep 1.3.5

on 2009-06-28

Synchrorep use now standard library gio

Synchrorep 1.3.4

on 2009-06-16

Bugs fix

Synchrorep 1.3.2

on 2009-05-29

Ftp, samba and ssh shares monted on desktop are now available for synchronization

Synchrorep 1.3

on 2009-05-19

Automatic synchronization when a usb device is monted

Synchrorep 1.2.3

on 2009-04-30

Tree new languages available : Spanish, Polish and Russian

Synchrorep 1.2.2

on 2009-04-26

Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope compatibility

Synchrorep 1.2

on 2009-03-28

First multilanguage version using xgettext system (detect automatically your system language)

Synchrorep 1.1.2

on 2009-03-11

Bugs fix

Synchrorep 1.1

on 2009-01-06

Behaviour setup for expert users

Synchrorep 1.0b

on 2008-11-11

Python translating and other improvements

Synchrorep 0.9.1

on 2008-08-08

Finishing synchrorep 0.9.1 with a debian package instead of shell script

Synchrorep 0.9

on 2008-07-08

Finish synchrorep 0.9 in shell script, a folder synchronisation sofware